Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning

Our financial planning process provides ongoing, customized solutions in a complex and changing world. Every plan is designed for your unique objectives, priorities, and values. It is comprehensive and integrated, and rather than being a one-time snapshot, your plan will evolve with changes in your life and resources, helping you to make considered decisions as life progresses.

We utilize a financial planning platform that integrates financial planning and wealth management. It supports our advisory process by providing a powerful engine capable of generating comprehensive financial planning analytics, calculating cash flow projections and modeling “what-if” scenarios. For our clients, it delivers an easy to use system to track and manage your balance sheet, investments and documents in one convenient and secure location.

Consulting and planning are separate from our advisory services and require a separate financial planning agreement outlining the terms of services.

Financial Planning is a Six Step Process:

Defining the Relationship

Together we clearly explain and document the services we provide to you and our mutual responsibilities. We explain how we are paid and by whom, how decisions are made and how long the professional relationship will last.


Gathering information about your goals, resources, income and values.


We listen to you and together we define your personal and financial goals, time frame for results, and your attitude towards risk. We also gather and analyze your documents, data, and objectives.


After analysis of your relevant information, we develop appropriate strategies and prioritize your action plan.


We consult with you about how our recommendations will be carried out. We may implement many of the recommendations for you as well as coordinate with other professionals such as CPAs or attorneys.


Maintaining, updating, and revising your plan.

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