| October 22, 2021

People spend an amazing amount of time worrying about things that they cannot control. For example, we worry about what the stock market is going to do today, or this week, or this year. Yet, we have no control over what the markets will do. We cannot even influence the markets. Many people search for fantastic returns to avoid the effort necessary to achieve long-term success. Sadly, these people will never be good candidates for comprehensive financial planning. For the rest of us, if we are going to be among those who live long and prosperous lives, we must focus on those things that we can influence. These include how much we save and how much we spend. We will also need good heath, and while we cannot control our genetic predispositions, most of us do have significant influence over health.

In all of these areas, the earlier we begin the easier it will be to attain the life that we dream of. Time and again we receive calls and emails from those who are searching for complicated and expensive schemes to lower their taxes. Meanwhile, most have overlooked how much they can defer into their retirement plans, or for the self-employed, have failed to establish any plan at all, typically throwing away many thousands of dollars every year. This is not a failure of character or an indication of laziness. Usually, it is the opposite. We are so busy trying to earn money, advance our careers and care for our families, that we are unable to invest the time it takes to organize and plan for the future.

Our job is to help you get organized, set goals, explain the opportunities that are available to you, point out what risks you may have overlooked, assist in the implementation of your plan and track your progress. We believe that “great lives don’t happen by accident” and strive to make it much easier and more efficient for our clients to gain control over what is important to them.