Hourly Consulting

From time to time we are faced with complex financial decisions wishing we had the benefit of a qualified, disinterested party to advise us. Hourly consulting is our solution for specific financial issues which may fall outside of traditional comprehensive plans. Hourly consulting is intended as a cost-effective means to receive professional advice in target areas as needs arise. These include:

Asset Allocation

You or a family member may have assets in a retirement plan at work. We can work with you to make sure that your plan’s asset allocation is suitable to your specific needs, time horizon, or risk tolerance.

Business Planning

You may be starting a business or have an existing business. Topics include type of business entity, retirement plan evaluation, cash management, or succession planning. We can help you navigate the issues surrounding business planning as your company’s needs evolve.

Education Planning

What type of education savings vehicle you utilize and who owns it involves tax, estate, and financial aid considerations. We can help you choose the appropriate plan for your family.

Estate Planning

Preparing for and administrating generational transfers can be burdensome and complicated. While we do not practice law, we can help you prepare for and meet the challenges that accompany the loss of a family member. These include analyzing the impact of gifting strategies, asset transfers on behalf of beneficiaries, and date of death valuations.

Goal Planning

Many people struggle with developing clear and realistic long-term goals. We can help you develop, implement, and track the progress of one or two core goals, making adjustments along the way.

Purchase Analysis

We can help you analyze the details of transactions, how a major purchase impacts your long-term goals, and the effects of price and value changes.